If you've ever had a baby, this guide is for you!
By Chloe Pedley, Doula, Personal Trainer, and Mom of four boys.
If you still feel you look pregnant, feel as though your tummy and back are weak, or are concerned about how to safely return to exercises after pregnancy and birth,  

Quite often the answer is the super-common, diastasis recti. (Separation of your six pack muscles)

For VA's
Heal your CORE and Build a Stong, Stable, Post Natal Body
I work with women who've had babies (no matter how long ago) to build incredible, strong, amazing bodies.
Do you want to start healing your tummy, stop feeling weak in the core, and start feeling strong?
In this guide, you'll be given all of my insider tips to healing and protecting your core. I'll explain in normal language exactly what diastasis recti is, and how to begin building strength and stability again after your birth. 
  •  Your post-partum body and what to expect
  • A week by week guide to returning to exercise
  • The exercises to avoid so you don't weaken your core, or cause a prolapse
  • Which exercises are safe for moms recovering from C-Section
About Chloe Pedley

Chloe Pedley is a leading Personal Trainer who works with post partum moms to help them safely build strong, stable, and sexy bodies using her body positive guide to post partum fitness.

Chloe's babies changed her life, and forced her to view exercise in a different way (feel free to ask her about THAT time when she peed her pants in the grocery store) She now moves for pleasure, mobility, and health and helps other women to re-discover the pleasure their bodies can bring them.
Pelvic floors, incontinence, and post natal recovery strategies are amongst dinner table conversations with Chloe, and frankly there isn't any topic she views as taboo. 

Chloe Bio
Chloe Pedley is a leading doula, personal trainer and specialises in pregnancy and post natal fitness. she is also a mom to four active, crazy, little boys.
If Chloe had an obsession, it would be to uplift and empower women along their life journey. 

She believes in positive body image, strength, and mobility, and works each day to help women EAT because they love themselves, MOVE because they love themselves and THINK because they love themselves.
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