Podcast Episode 8: Wild Women Fitness with Bec Heelan


Today I chatted with the bubbly, vivacious, Bec Heelan who is a personal trainer working in Melbourne’s inner West. Bec runs the Wild Woman Workout and women’s retreats throughout the year.

I approached Bec earlier this year, as I was really touched by her story of transformation from being the strength training PT, to someone who was forced to embrace her body after childbirth, adjust her training approach, and re-learn what it is to care for your body.

We got to chatting about farting fit-balls, pregnancy, babies, and how our body image changes after having had kids.

Bec told us about how being a pregnant personal trainer forced her to take time to heal and listen to her body’s signals of pain, despondency, and helped her give attention to the places that just needed an extra  bit of body love  – or in her case a total course correction.

Bec’s ethos is “love your body for what it can do, rather than how it looks” and am she is all about women getting together and being authentic and connected to start to drop this idea that women are in competition with one another.

You can get in contact with Bec and check out her Wild Woman Workout and retreats at becheelan.com.au

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