Working Out Around Children: 5 Kid Friendly Workout Tips

Got kids? Gotta workout? Woo Hoo!! Let’s DO this!

Admittedly getting to a gym with children is either A) expensive or B) impossible – but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your sweat on. Try these tips to have a fun, family friendly workout!

1 – Go for a family walk!

This is one of my favourites. We all get out in the sunshine, we all get to see the world around us, and more often than not I burn some extra energy as inevitably I get to carry a child for at least part of the way.

2 – Turn your commercial breaks into a challenge.

Who can hold the longest air squat? Who can do push ups? Who can do burpees? Make your TV  time an excuse  to workout!

3 – Family Dance  Time

In my house this is “mama is embarassing” time… but that doesn’t stop us getting our boogie on. Pump up the  tunes and shake what your mama gave  you!

4 – Swap With A Friend

Get someone who is in the same predicament as you to take the kids for an hour, then swap. Make sure you swap 😛

5 – Include them in a bodyweight workout

My 2 year old can do better burpees than me, and he LOVES  “exa-sizing” with his mama.  Grab an app, a DVD, or even YouTube and sweat to your favourite body weight workout.


Use the park – at the park you have

  • Swings for pushups
  • Monkey Bars for upper body
  • Stairs for box jumps
  • and a whole lot of room to run!

Photo credit: SoilSound


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