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Eat, Move, Think Because You Love Yourself

Welcome to Polkadotsi. We believe that knowledge is power.  We offer training and education for women about Sex and Sexuality, Pregnancy and Birth, and Health and Fitness.

We offer personal training that is body positive: We train you to work hard within your OWN limits, with your OWN goals. We don't promote fitspo, and we focus on helping you FEEL amazing.

We firmly believe that movement is a gift, and our motivation is to keep women strong, healthy, mobile and happy, and POWERFUL throughout their life.

Personal Fitness Training for Women

Post Natal, Pregnancy, Beyond Natal


Strong woman training

Pelvic Floor Safe Workouts

We want you to MOVE because you love yourself, but sometimes (for as much as...

How to Activate your Pelvic Floor Properly

Pin this to read later A Guide to Effective Kegels Do you know how to...

Returning to Exercise After Birth

Congratulations!! Having a child is a life changing experience and for many women it is...

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