9 Reasons You Should Totally Embrace Using Sex Toys

March 17, 2015by polkadotsi0

Shhhh, don’t tell anyone… I love my vibrators!

Oh, who am I kidding, I just posted this on Polkadotsi – everyone knows that I have a love affair with all that buzzes! But it would seem that there is still a lot of stigma and shame associated with getting your wank on.

So in the interests of enabling all of you to go and flick the bean, here are 9 reasons that you should totally embrace using sex toys!

1 – They help you discover your body

Getting to know what you like and don’t like empowers you to have better sex. Have you found your g-spot? Discovered how to squirt? Discovered your U spot? No? have a little play!

2 – They can reach places that your wee fingers just can’t

Let’s be honest, unless you have super long arms, or incredibly long fingers, there are hard to reach places that your vibe can hit. Mmmmmmm

3 – They can help you relax

Orgasms = endorphins = Ommmmmm

Maybe not the same as mediation… but orgasmic meditation? Now you’re talking!

4  – They can improve your mood

If you’re in a bit of a slump, a big O can release endorphins that pick you right up!

5  – They can help you improve your orgasm!

Learning to isolate those muscles that help you cum can train you into stronger, better orgasms! Yes please!

6 – They can provide mild pain relief

Period pain? A bit of an headache? Buzzing your way to bliss town can relieve your pain.

7  – You don’t need a partner

Take control of your sexual pleasure with your battery operated pleasure friend! Vibrators are brilliant in that you don’t need anyone else to indulge in sex for one!

8  – You can totally do it with a partner!

You can totally take that party in your pants to the next level with your partner by introducing toys to your boudoir repertoire.

9  – They feel freaking amazing!

I don’t have to expand on this one do I?

What are you waiting for! Go get your buzz on!


Photo credit: buecax


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