Polkadotsi Podcast Episode 2: Swimsuits & Body Image

March 15, 2016by polkadotsi0

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In this episode I chat to the lovely Laura, who is returning to fitness after having her fourth baby.

Laura has discovered that there isn’t a great deal of options for women over size AU14 who want to wear colourful athletic swimwear.

In fact, it seems that most swimwear designed for women in sizes about AU14 is designed to appear “slimming” or “flattering”, or it goes to the other extreme, where legs are cut too high, crotch exposes too much, and it’s just not comfortable.

In this episode we lament the lack of fun choices for women in athletic swimwear, and challenge manufacturers to be more inclusive in their range.

Also, what’s the deal with swimwear pricing – our smallest garments seem to be the most expensive?!


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