A Quick Guide To Nutritional Quackery

September 2, 2016by polkadotsi0

If you find it tough to navigate the social media smorgasbord of health trends, you certainly wouldn’t be alone. It seems every day there is a new claim “Chocolate helps you lose weight” “Chocolate helps you gain weight” “Go sugar free” “try the all sugar diet” “eat grains” “don’t eat grains”


Believe it or not, it’s actually not that difficult to spot a fad  trend, and it’s pretty simple to eat well, be healthy, and feel vital. Furthermore, you don’t need fancy diets, smoothies, or pills to achieve it.

So, let’s drill down into honing that BS radar.

1. Anyone telling you to avoid entire food groups is probably BS

I’m looking at you Whole30, Paleo, No Sugar, LCHF, I quit Sugar, and others…

The Australian Healthy Eating guide (more on that in a moment) recommends we eat a varied diet, mostly plants, not too much, adjusted for our age and activity levels.

It’s not rocket science, but it is NUTRITIONAL Science, and written by scientists who have EVIDENCE to back up their claims.

The trouble with elimination diets is while they might help you lose weight, it’s also possible you will mask an underlying health problem, eventually become malnourished due to missing nutrients, and frankly there is a lot of science that says such diets aren’t great for our bodies at all.

2.Anyone telling you that the Healthy Eating Guide is making you sick is probably a quack.

Paleo Pete, Christine “High Fat” Croneau, and the likes of Food Babe are notorious for calling the Healthy Eating Guidelines (or international equivalent) out for making us fat, sick and unhealthy. Sadly for them the science disagrees.

The claim of so many sham ‘nutritionists’ is that people are getting fat and unhealthy in spite of the Healthy Eating Guide. The TRUTH is, only about 4% of our population actually follow the guidelines, so this is a total misnomer.

Our healthy eating guidelines prioritise whole grains, vegetables and lean protein sources. They can be customised to suit vegans and vegetarians. Contrary to popular belief, the Healthy Eating Guidelines can be customise to suit individuals, by putting together a complete diet.

3. If it’s a miracle cure for everything from diabetes to cancer, it’s probably BS.

Despite what some of the lovely quacks out there might tell you, doctors are NOT trying to hide a cure. It turns out that doctors are folks just like you and I,  and they don’t actually like seeing babies die, or people suffer; strange, huh?!

Unfortunately, that means that you can’t cure cancer with apple cider vinegar or clean eating or bicarb soda, or cannabis oil, you just can’t.

Unfortunately, as great as medical science is, there aren’t any miracle cures for many of the diseases that plague humanity.

That being said, eating well, exercising regularly and getting plenty of rest and water will certainly improve most people’s well being, and longevity.

Final Thoughts

The well oiled machine that profits from your insecurities, isn’t about to let up on it’s onslaught. It’s up to you to be smart enough to see through the bullshit, and make informed choices for your body.

The long and the short of it is in order to eat well, enjoy all things in moderation, mostly plants, not too much. If you need a hand with working out a whole diet for yourself, speak to a registered practising dietitian, they’re the good guys in this battle!



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