Podcast Episode 7: Your Beauty is not My Beauty and that’s okay

September 5, 2016by polkadotsi0

I am super passionate about spreading the body positive message, but I’d like to point out a trend I’ve noticed and have even been guilty of myself.

Taking other people down, to feel your own beauty.

And I have been guilty of it. I’ve been guilty of assuming that the overweight woman doesn’t exercise, or that the skinny woman doesn’t eat. It’s a horrible judgement, and I’ve been really conscious of working on it.

We’re conditioned to it everywhere – in movies, magazines, and the media – we shame women for their appearance. And it’s enabled, ridiculed, and okayed… Except, it’s NOT okay, and it never has been.

  • Healthy isn’t a size, and nor is beauty.
  • We don’t need to fat shame/shape shame other women  to uplift ourselves
  • We are so damned powerful when we actually uplift one another
  • Judgement serves no-one, and hurts us all.

The next time you find yourself judging someone else to lift yourself up  – pause, look at why you need to shame someone elses’ appearance, and really ponder.

You’re enough without taking someone else down, and when we band together and lift one another up, the world really is a more beautiful place.


Your Beauty is not my beauty


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