Podcast Episode 16: Evolving from Self Loathing to Self Love with Emma Polette

October 22, 2017by polkadotsi0

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In this episode I chat to a woman who has truly walked the talk in terms of self love revolution!

Emma Polette is The Body Love Coach. She is a 44-year-old health coach, personal trainer & yoga teacher. Her clients call her a real woman for real women.

She has run her business Blue Sky Vitality for over 4 years. After spending most of her life thinking a flat tummy would solve all her problems, things changed in early 2017 when she had a hysterectomy to treat her Stage 4 endometriosis. Emma decided her body had been punished enough and has made it her mission to help women live bright & energetic lives free from calorie counting and flogging themselves at the gym.

We chat about how self compassion and the internal work we need to do around body positivity is just as important as the physical work.

You can get in contact with Emma here:

facebook is @blueskyvitalitycoach
and insta is @blueskyvitality


How much more brain power would we have if we stopped worrying about how we look

Podcast Episode 16: Evolving from self loathing to self love with Emma Polette


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