Episode 18: Exploring Personal Trainer Myths with Alex Harvey and Shane Reid

February 1, 2018by polkadotsi0

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Every so often on Polkadotsi I have a guest who I just have to invite back on the podcast because their ideas are so fantastically mindblowing.

Alex and Shane Harvey from Muscle Potentiation were one of those guests.

It’s uncomfortable being challenged on ideas you hold as truth, and being put into a position where you have to investigate, break down, and question everything.

Coming out of the other side of our interview, I was really excited to explore perhaps WHY a quadriceps stretch isn’t so fantastic…. what are we actually doing when we stretch our hamstrings, and why is it most gym-goers have such a short lifespan in the gym.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll want to get in touch with Shane and Alex. As a trainer, or as a client who wants to work on pain management.


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