Episode 19: Body Respect with Anna Hearn

February 5, 2018by polkadotsi0

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In this episode I chat with Anna Hearn from Haven Wellness Anna is in the middle of launching her own fitness studio; a unique mirror free space to encourage women to FEEL how they move and enjoy movement for the sake of pleasure, not for changing their shape and size.

Anna has come from a place of overcoming body dysphoria and her fitness journey has led her  to fall in love with the skin she’s in.

She ​believes ​that ​honouring ​the ​body ​we’re ​in ​now, ​learning ​to ​respect ​& ​nourish ​it ​from ​within ​(rather ​than
externally ​consulting ​a ​diet ​book) ​and ​moving ​for ​pleasure ​& ​health ​(rather ​than ​to ​force ​it ​to ​look ​a ​certain ​way)
gives ​our ​body ​the ​freedom ​it ​needs ​to ​regulate ​it’s ​own ​weight ​and ​caloric ​needs ​- ​and ​is ​a ​much ​kinder ​and
more ​fun ​way ​to ​live!

All in all, Anna is a fun and bubbly person to chat to, and I’m really excited about the projects she’s working on.

Connect with Anna:

Haven Wellness Women’s Fitness & Yoga Studio, Summer Hill, Sydney

www.havenwellness.com.au | anna@havenwellness.com.au | 


A special, body-positive, non-diet space designed to help women cultivate a peaceful relationship with their bodies through fitness, yoga & pilates and self-compassion.​ 

Upcoming Haven events: www.havenwellness.com.au/events 
  • Yoga for All Bodies Workshop – Sat 24th Feb 
  • Honour ​- a ​women’s-only ​retreat ​focusing on body respect & self-compassion. Yoga, walking, fitness meditation & self-reflection. April 20-22nd 2018, Kenthurst, NSW 
  • Embrace– The Body Image Movement documentary screening March 5th, Dendy, Newtown Sydney 
  • Eating ​& ​Body ​Image ​Reboot ​5-Week ​Course ​- March 12th 2018



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