Spend 12 weeks with me, transforming your body into one that you love!

(In a very sparkly, beautiful, polkadotsi way!)


This is a body transformation challenge with a very Polkadotsi difference. We're going to spend 12 weeks RADICALLY loving our bodies!

There will be movement and workouts and fitness.

There will be discussion about food, but how to make food your friend. How to remove it from the body conversation, and how to eat because you love yourself.

There will be coaching on body love, sex, gynae health, boobs, periods, fertility, infertility...

There will be talk about mindfulness, taking care of your mental health, sleep...

It WILL be available worldwide, with online coaching and training.

  • 12 Weeks of self care and self work.
  • 12 weeks of eating, thinking and moving because you love yourself.
  • 12 weeks of kindness towards you.

What you'll get:

  • A printed binder with my 12 week body love journal. (YES, actually printed, you're going to be getting body love mail!)VALUE $97
  • Access to a private group with workouts with lots of variations to make sure you're included with direct access to me to ask questions VALUE $497
  •  Weekly group call with me to debrief, get support, connect with your fellow challengers, and build connection. These calls are structured in content and include a 1.5 hour workshop on body love topics each week. The calls are recorded and available for you to download and watch at your leisure. VALUE $997
  •  And your own polkadotsi tank top to remind you to eat, move and think because you love yourself. (tank in sizes 6-22 - if we need more options, I'll find more options. This is about body acceptance, and I accept you might not fit into the narrow constraints of my supplier's sizing chart) VALUE $47

If that's not enough

I'm also offering you a one on one coaching session where we can talk about:

  • Mindset
  • Fitness (Yes, if you want, we can totally work out together online!)
  • Pelvic health
  • Body Image

Any of those, all of those, I want to leave you feeling sparkly, positive, and charged up to be the best version of you! VALUE $97

Bonus Resources

I'm loading up my learning management system with all my super lucious body positive resources! There are meditations, there are workouts there are worksheets, there are printables, there are affirmations that you can stick on your fridge.

There are info packs on pelvic health, incontinence, sex and sexuality, fitness, and nutrition...

So much cool stuff! And I can't even put a value on it, because I haven't finished adding to the list of goodies.

Okay, sign me up already!



Chloe, I need more details!

Fine!! here you go:

It's a 12 week "Challenge" I use the word loosely because they only thing you are challenging is your attitude towards yourself.

It's 12 weeks of deep focus on eating, moving and thinking because you love yourself.I'll include workouts, audio, support, meditations, and lots of luscious resources along the way.

Each weekly workshop will be delivered by Zoom - where you'll have the recording published in the group for you to access at your leisure in case you missed the live chat.

The workshops will run for approximately 90 minutes including time for Q&A and discussion.

  • Week 1: Getting started, what is body positivity, setting the scene on where we're at.
  • Week 2: Talking about nutrition. Separating our food from our weight, discussing what healthy food actually is, debunking myths around nutrition and looking at the relationship we have with food. (Also, my chocolate cake recipe)
  • Week 3: A deep dive into movement. what is healthy movement, reasons we can move that don't involve weight loss, movement for pleasure, movement without pain.
  • Week 4: Pelvic floors, or pelvic flaws - looking into women's health, how we need to move differently, how our bodies change during our cycles, macro cycles, micro cycles, and our flow
  • Week 5: Let's talk about sex baby - a crash course into adult sex education. How to choose healthy pleasure toys, what's normal, what's not normal, and that time when I got a speculum stuck in my PAP smear.
  • Week 6: Fertility, Infertility, Hormones, Children, and Childless By Choice - how this impacted by movement and nutrition,
  • Week 7: The body positive bullet proof mindset, looking into how to be kind when everything comes unravelled.
  • Week 8: So you want to be fearless and confident in the gym? NO? What do do when the gym isn't the place for you.
  • Week 9: Women's health checks that are simply essential, debunking myths and legends around mental health care, the pill, Mirena, and PAP smears.
  • Week 10: Rest, Sleep, and how to engage in active recovery from movement. What does over-exercising look like.
  • Week 11: When everything comes unravelled - looking at eating disorders, how to recognise when your behaviour is unhealthy and where to get help.
  • Week 12: Celebrating you: motivation strategies to take your 12 weeks of hard work into the big wide world and make the changes stick.


When does this all happen? How Do I get In?

  • We are LAUNCHING on the 22nd of May (No coincidence that it's my BIRTHDAY, and I'm CELEBRATING with you!)
  • There are 12 and ONLY 12 spots in this round. I want you all to have my full attention.
  • The weekly calls will be at 7.30pm AEST on FRIDAY evenings. The recordings will be put up in the course website.
  • You'll get access to the private Facebook Group immediately and be able to start asking questions, getting started before our launch date.
  • Resources will be stored in our Learning Management System - which I'll assign you a login to on the 22nd of May

Do I need to be in Melbourne?

Nope, that's the great thing about this challenge you can be ANYWHERE in the world, and still hang out in the chats, group, calls. You can have your one on one consult with me, you can do all the amazing things from the comfort of your living room! I don't care where you are in the world, we'll make it work!

What is your refund/guarantee policy?

You know what, I've never had to refund something for a refund's sake yet - but in addition to your statutory rights, I want you to be over the moon-ecstatically-amazingly-blown-away by this program, and I want you to feel confident and assured that you are getting value for you money. SO:

If for any reason you do the work and this program fails to blow your mind, I'll cheerfully refund your money.  Just send your gear back, no questions asked.


How to Sign Up

I'm hoping by now that you're absolutely excited to get on board - and for 12 weeks worth of dedicated coaching, the price of this package works out at less than a coffee and cake a day (If I calculate it at $8) (You're already ahead if you're in Perth!)

Click the buttons below, they'll take you through to our secure paypal site.