Welcome to Polkadotsi!

Hi I’m Chloe!
In 2015, I decided I would lose weight.
I was training 6-7 days a week using HIIT.... sometimes twice a day. I was strictly adhering to a "shred" plan, put together by a health coach. I was the most exuberant and active participant in my support groups, and I was ILL. Burnt out, over-trained, and about to get injured. Strict LCHF....
Worse, every time I lost weight, I’d put it right back on again…
Then the penny dropped.Winter 2016 120

I got really goddamed mad at the fitness and health industry.
I decided that if one more person VALUED me based on weight loss I would seriously EAT them and the cake they were waving at me.
It was the biggest wakeup call of the year, when I would end up injured, shunned, and wondering what the fuck to do next.
I ignored a hamstring injury and pushed through. I had to lose weight, I had to get skinny, I had to get 'healthy'
I ignored a foot injury, I had to get skinny, I had to get skinny....

The Biggest Wakeup Call

THEN it all came crashing down. My Sacro Illiac Joint gave out, I got the flu, a flu that wouldn't go away. I was exhausted, I was burnt out, I wasn't eating to nourish myself, and worst of all... worst of all I was HATING my body.
And yet, it was that wakeup call that spurred me into gear. At first I was mad, but then I got FURIOUS. Furious at an industry that told me my weight determined my worth, FURIOUS at an industry that relied on my failure, to MAKE MONEY.

And finally I fell in love with my body

And that FURY gave way to love. Body Love. Love love love love!!

And Polkadotsi was birthed, a more painful and arduous labour than any of my babies, but here it is. Now I can eat to LOVE myself, I move to love myself, I look in the mirror and I LOVE what I see.
The next pic, here is me, TOTALLY feelin' myself, TOTALLY loving myself, and enjoying enjoying my body, my fitness, and my food again. I'm 9kg heavier... But I'm energetic, recovering, and I LOVE my ass. Like seriously LOVE it!

Here's how you can too:

The story of how has two major factors:
And that’s what I offer you here at Polkadotsi. A support group for women filled with women who are amazing, working on themselves, and sparkling!
And Self Love – I offer you tools and resources to finally make peace with your beautiful body. To finally look in the mirror and be friends.

Join our absolutely free group, and start getting the support you deserve!