Advertising Rate Card

Polkadotsi is deeply niched website. We offer an intimate, deeply trusted conversation with our readership, on a specific range of topics, relating to sex positivity and woman friendly sex.

Our readers are informed, conscious consumers. To reach an audience of educated women, consider Polkadotsi’s introductory advertising packages.

Our advertisers benefit from the very specific, deeply niched nature of our site. We carefully build our reader trust through very specific content from our writers and third parties.

Our demographic is Australian women aged 19-35

Because our foundation year focus is on establishing brand presence, site traffic and traction we are not offering PPC or CPM advertising on Polkadotsi. Rather, we are offering sponsorship packages.


Sponsorship packages come in two forms – Foundation Partner Packages, and Minor Sponsors.

Foundation Partner Package - $4000/PA

We have only 4 Foundation Partner Packages available. Our Foundation Partner Packages include

  • Home Page advertising space (Home page ad space is limited to Foundation Partner Sponsorship)
  • A monthly sponsored post
  • A monthly product review
  • Email advertising space
  • Mentions across our social media channels
  • The opportunity to participate in sponsored contests for no weekly charge
  • The opportunity to promote on our Facebook page as endorsed businesses.
  • Endorsement from polkadotsi at any events either online or in real life.

Foundation Partners must meet a certain criteria to participate in Polkadotsi’s advertising program.

Criteria includes:

  • Women Friendly
  • Sex Positive nature
  • Quality Focussed with impeccable customer service
  • Education driven
  • An attitude of “Give Value First”

Due to the nature of endorsement we will be giving our Foundation Partners, we are very strict on vetting our sponsors, to ensure that we ONLY promote the impeccable.

Minor Sponsors

Sponsored Contests – From $250/Week

Brand alongside with Polkadotsi.

Our contest packages include dual promotion with Polkadotsi, Medium rectangle ad space for the duration of the contest, and promotion via social media channels.

Generally, we request you put together a prize package of at least $500 value, as well as spot prizes and set asides.

Rates start at $250 per week – please enquire –

Sponsored Post – From $700/Article

Certain posts on Polkadotsi offer the opportunity to be sponsored posts. These are very limited posts, and very targeted to your brand and your audience.

Please include details of what you’re wanting to advertise, when you’d like to, your approximate budget and any ideas you’d like to discuss.

Rates start at $700 per article. Please enquire –