Kick It With The Kegels: Better Orgasms With A Toned Up Pelvic Floor

Emma Stewart Nov 29, 2016 3 comments 0

So you’ve been scratching your head for months now, wondering just what the @#7*! is this ‘core’ that your hot, bouncy Pilates instructor has been enthusing about …so buckle up kids and let’s find out a little bit more about the pelvic floor! Your pelvic floor (PF) is the group of muscles that supports your spine, bladder and bowel and,…

Does Sex Hurt? When You Should Consult A Doctor

Emma Stewart Nov 21, 2016 0 comments 0

Fire In Your Loins Hopefully when we talk about the fire in our loins we are referring to the heat of our sexual fervour. But for some the flames of desire are being dampened by a burning that has nothing to do with smouldering passions. The fire in your loins can become something very different to the heat of sexual…

Enjoying Your Sexuality While Breastfeeding

Jeannine Nov 19, 2016 2 comments 0

Your relationship with your breasts while breastfeeding is likely to have radically changed; previously there just for your entertainment and to make your clothes fit. Well, now they are working girls with a new agenda. A breastfeeding mother may experience all or some of the following: leaking, pain, feeling over exposed and touched out, have an overflowing bra before a…

Your Body Is Already Fierce, Rethink Those New Year’s Resolutions

Chloe Pedley Jan 8, 2016 0 comments 0

It’s that time of year where there is SO much pressure to make new year’s resolutions. The gyms are telling you, the magazines are telling you, heck, you’re probably even telling you! It seems that fitness professionals are capitalising on your feelings of inadequacy, shame, and self loathing too. Fitspo works for an industry that relies on bodies being imperfect….

An Open Letter To Heidi Klum

Chloe Pedley Aug 23, 2015 0 comments 0

Donald Trump told Heidi Klum that she is “Sadly no longer a 10” Dare we say “eew, gross…. that’s hideous Donald, who the heck do you think you are?” But we’re afraid that Mr Trump already has an inflated sense of self, and frankly Heidi Klum utterly owned her response check it out: #TrumpHasSpoken #sadly #9.99 #NoLongerA10 #IHadAGoodRun #donaldtrump #HeidiTrumpsTrump…

That Period Article: Running a Marathon On Your Rag

Chloe Pedley Aug 7, 2015 0 comments 0

When I got my first period, I was too embarrassed to tell my mum. Too embarrassed to go to the shops and buy pads, and when eventually got sick of throwing out my bled on undies and bought pads, I was too embarrassed to change them at school for fear of being heard by someone in the toilets. What  the…

Ronda Rousey: Body Love Champion?

Chloe Pedley Aug 7, 2015 0 comments 0

Pro athlete, tough as nails, Ronda Rousey is a knockout. Daughter of a judo champion, this kick-arse chick is on a roll in Women’s fighting. The champion UFC fighter took down the previously undefeated fighter Bethe Correia on August 1st to win UFC 190 in just 34 seconds, rocketing her into the spotlight in more ways than one. Like so…

9 Reasons You Should Totally Embrace Using Sex Toys

Chloe Pedley Mar 17, 2015 0 comments 0

Shhhh, don’t tell anyone… I love my vibrators! Oh, who am I kidding, I just posted this on Polkadotsi – everyone knows that I have a love affair with all that buzzes! But it would seem that there is still a lot of stigma and shame associated with getting your wank on. So in the interests of enabling all of…

Ethical Porn, Woman Friendly Porn, and Real Orgasm Pleasure!

Chloe Pedley Feb 25, 2015 1 comments 1

I have a confession to make…. I like porn. I like porn a lot! There I said it. The trouble with my adoration of watching strangers fuck, is that I take SERIOUS issue with a lot of what goes on in the porn industry. My main concerns centre around rape, exploitation of the actors, and the depiction of sex acts…

September 10 Is International Gynae Day

Chloe Pedley Sep 8, 2014 0 comments 0

Millions of women every year will suffer from a Gynae (Gynaecological, Gynaecological) related condition or sexually transmitted infection. At Polkadotsi we talk frankly about all of your lovely lady gardens (sorry, not sorry!) So many women remain sorely unaware of what is normal when it comes to their GYN health – and on September 10th we here at Polkadotsi are…