Birth Stories: Welcome Earthside James Tiberius

Chloe Pedley Jul 8, 2018 0 comments 0

James Tiberius from Fiona Rogerson on Vimeo. JT’s pregnancy was straightforward and healthy – it was a bit of a journey for me, just in the basis that I’m used to connecting spiritually to my babies very early in pregnancy, yet little James and I never felt that connection while he was within me. I spent the 9 months consciously…

My Story: Post Partum Depression

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If you’ve read Finn’s birth story, you might think that it was the perfect start to a new human’s life. A blissed out mother, a perfect baby, and the beginning of a new chapter in an unrolling story. This is my story. It’s pretty dark. But it’s real, and it’s me. I’m one of the lucky ones, and my story…

Can I Run During Pregnancy?

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As a personal trainer and as someone who hangs out in a LOT of running groups (I love to run!)The question I get asked all the time is “Can I run during pregnancy?”,often followed by “did you see Amy Keil run the Boston Marathon?”  The short answer is yes, you can run when you’re pregnant, but there’s a big BUT….

Birth Stories: Oliver’s Arrival

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On coolish February day Oliver was born. Various versions of this story have appeared on the web and in books since 2009, and it’s finally come home to roost in Polkadotsi, with it’s mother. My labour started in the wee hours of the morning (1am) when I could no longer ignore the fact I was having more than just niggles in…

We Need To Talk About Prolapse

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We need to talk about prolapse! Sometimes the weakening of our pelvic floor during and after pregnancy  is enough to cause a prolapse, which is when the internal organs fall through the connective tissue of your pelvic floor. This can be a bladder prolapse, a rectal prolapse, a uterine prolapse, or an intestinal prolapse. Prolapse can also be caused by…

Are Squats Safe in Pregnancy?

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Squats are a fantastic and relatively safe exercise for pregnant women. We get asked all the time, are squats safe in pregnancy? At Polkadotsi we train pregnant women to be strong, stable, and have the best birth they can. An active birth has many benefits, and being able to stay mobile can help with pain management, blood flow to the…

Why Do I Still Look Pregnant: Do You Have Diastastis Recti?

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Diastastis Recti (DRAMs): It’s the reason that so many of us still look pregnant, even when we gave birth 6 or more months ago. It can leave us feeling weak and with that pregnant looking “pooch”. If you feel weak through the core, perhaps  find it difficult to walk, lift, or even get out of bed, you may have diastasis…

Exercising During Pregnancy Part 1: Getting Started

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I love training pregnant women. The benefits of exercise during pregnancy are just so frigging fantastic, it’s a joy to work with women to help them feel strong, stable, and powerful as they head towards one of the most amazing days of their life. One o f the big reasons I love working with pregnant women is that it  forces…

We Need To Talk About Sex During Pregnancy

Emma Stewart Dec 1, 2016 0 comments 0

Sex in the first trimester Is It Safe? As a sexologist I’m very often asked about the safety of having sex during pregnancy – well here’s the good news – doing the nasty when you’ve got a bun in the oven is not only hot, it’s perfectly safe.  If you feel well and sexy – it’s a jolly good idea…