How Women Can Benefit From Being Strong

Chloe Pedley Feb 18, 2018 0 comments 0

I get to meet some pretty incredible women in my work. There are the mums who are juggling their infant children, managing school drop offs, getting to work and still running a household. There are the mums who sit bedside vigils for their sick kids. There are the mums who pull out all stops to support their communities. And there…

Is Healthy REALLY a Size? Science Suggests That We Should All Eat, Move and Think Because We Love Ourselves

Chloe Pedley Sep 15, 2017 0 comments 0

A recent study published in the American Journal of Cardiologists (online) has found that “Healthy Obese” people (those with no metabolic conditions such as hypertension, diabetes or high cholesterol) are at a greater risk (49% greater infact) of heart disease. Journalists have been incredibly quick to point out that this is absolutely devastating  for the body positive movement.  Which I…

Build Your Bangin’ Bod: 3 Workouts You Can DO at Home!

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Are you after a hotter, more energetic life? Maybe you want to build some muscle and get some fitness? Or perhaps you just like how you feel in that post-workout endorphin rush. Whatever your reason, we’re down with that,  so we’ve rounded up some of the best online tools to help you move it move it! Here are 3 workouts…

Do You Pee When You Workout?

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Pin this for later Have I ever told you about the time when I was 11 and I peed my pants in front of my entire primary school carnival? I was at the front of the tunnel ball line, and the starter said “Ready, Set Go” and I ready, set went… in front of everyone. I was so embarrassed. I…

Can I Run During Pregnancy?

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As a personal trainer and as someone who hangs out in a LOT of running groups (I love to run!)The question I get asked all the time is “Can I run during pregnancy?”,often followed by “did you see Amy Keil run the Boston Marathon?”  The short answer is yes, you can run when you’re pregnant, but there’s a big BUT….

Strategies for Dealing with Body Shamers

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Have you ever met someone who is SO not body positive? Body shame is rife in so many areas of our online and in real life lives. We’re constantly bombarded with messages that healthy only comes in one shape and size (and it’s usually small, photoshopped, glowing and has no pores) Because those messages are so prevalent, it’s easier to…

27 Snuggly Self Care Rituals For Mums

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Pin this to read later I’m a mum of four little boys. My life is often filled with rough and tumble, penis jokes, farts, and various smells that I never would have considered human. Occasionally we have the help of an au pair, and my first instruction to them is their  role is to make sure the house doesn’t…

Your Post Partum Fitness Timeline

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Are you ready to return to exercise?  Let’s talk about that! Firstly let’s look at your priorities. Are you making healthy choices that will support your body, mind and soul? Are you choosing you, mama bear? So much has changed in your body, it’s a time to honour that. There is SO much pressure for you to bounce back and…

Are Squats Safe in Pregnancy?

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Squats are a fantastic and relatively safe exercise for pregnant women. We get asked all the time, are squats safe in pregnancy? At Polkadotsi we train pregnant women to be strong, stable, and have the best birth they can. An active birth has many benefits, and being able to stay mobile can help with pain management, blood flow to the…