Post Baby Body Positivity

Chloe Pedley Sep 14, 2016 0 comments 0

My babies and pregnancy changed my body forever. Physically, spiritually, and oh did I mention physically? I gained nearly 35kg in my first pregnancy. I felt enormous, I was enormous, and that was perfectly OK because it was a delightful, healthy pregnancy that produced a delightful healthy baby. But once that baby was birthed, and in my arms I was…

Polkadotsi Podcast Episode 1 – Jess Mather Indulgent Fitness

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Subscribe to Polkadotsi’s Podcast on iTunes Today I spoke with Jess Mather from Jess Mather if a fitness and rehab specialist that works locally in Orlando, and services the online community with nutritional consulting & customized online fitness coaching. She’s on a mission to help people become empowered, stronger, and more resilient versions of themselves through weight lifting, sustainable…

Love Letters And A Magical Tin In The Kitchen

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Sometimes we like to challenge you with little activities that will help you fall more magnificently in love with your body! After my grandmother passed, I was helping my dad clean up the kitchen, and we found an old biscuit tin. Inside was a stack of handwritten letters between her sister and her, her dear friends and her, and her…

Setting Space For You

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Too often we don’t make space for ourselves in our lives. We get so caught up in the day to day obligatory duties that we forget that unless we are OK ourselves, we are unable to take care of anyone else. One of the simplest methods of self care and self love is simply to set aside non-negotiable time for…

5 Body Positive Sites To Follow Right Now!

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Do you need an extra dose of body love? Check out these ah-mazing women who are spreading the good word! Uplift a sister! The Body Is Not An Apology Run by superstar Sonya Renee, the Body Is Not An Apology fiercely explores all issues around body positivity including ableism, trans issues, gender issues, and of course body image. It is…

Sparkly B*tch Take Your Damned Selfie And Own It!

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If you’re anything like me your phone and hard-drive are FILLED with selfies! How do you feel when you take a selfie? Does it empower you? Do you LIKE taking a picture that you own, you’re in control of and you say what happens with it? Yeh? So do I. A selfie puts you in the picture AS you. You…

Body Positive Life Hacks To Help You Love Your Rocking Bod

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Oh no! Have you had a blah day? Let’s turn that frown upside down and get to sparkling!! Enjoy our easy life hacks to help you get back into a space of body positivity! Speak Kindly Look at how you are speaking to yourself! Is it how you would speak to your friends? If it isn’t choose kind words. If…

Is Your Head Sabotaging Your Body?

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One of the best things about writing for Polkadotsi is that I spend a LOT of time reflecting on my own body love journey, and what I consider to be body positive and what is just bulldust body shaming. I also spend a lot of my day speaking to women about how they feel about their diet and exercise, some…

Dear Bathroom Scales, We Are Breaking Up.

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Why hello there gorgeous! Yes, you! Right there, staring back at the screen. You’re gorgeous!!! And I’m so happy you’re here reading Polkadotsi, because it means that perhaps, maybe (fingers crossed!!) you’re ready to totally and utterly fall head over heels in love with yourself! (squeeee!) I have a few tools that I’d like you to consider today, while you…

#MotivationMonday Body Love Mantras For Your Monday!

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We know that radical self love and body positivity can be tough sometimes. Especially when we are bombarded with messages telling us we are NOT enough. That’s why we create these motivation Monday posters! They’re our gift to you; a little sparkly motivation to look in the mirror and love your good self!