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Chloe Pedley Mar 11, 2016 0 comments 0

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Today I spoke with Jess Mather from IndulgentFitness.com.

Jess Mather if a fitness and rehab specialist that works locally in Orlando, and services the online community with nutritional consulting & customized online fitness coaching. She's on a mission to help people become empowered, stronger, and more resilient versions of themselves through weight lifting, sustainable nutrition, and by nurturing a positive relationship with themselves and their body.

How did you get started in your business?

I got into fitness when I was about 15, I think I did it more out out of control, so it wasn't necessarily really unhealthy moreofwhatweloverelationship with fitness and was doing a lot of cardio. Now I've more into weight lifting, and that started when I was about 18, and I realised that weight lifting can be really really empowering. And that led to something really special.

When I was 18, I decided I wanted to be a personal trainer. I kept putting it off and putting off and everyone was saying that personal training was going to be too hard, and I was never going to make a living.... So I went to college, and I got a degree in Physical Therapy, which was  good complement - but in 2014, we were about to move back to Florida from Colorado, and I was like you know what, I'm so done with excuses, so I'm just going to do this. I made up the name indulgent fitness.

I chose Indulgent Fitness because I want people to learn how to love movement. And I started really slow. People are always telling you about these overnight success stories, where you launch this cool website, and you have a cool photo shoot, and it's not really like that at all. It's like this long struggle. So I just started slow, I started with the blog, I love writing, and it just snowballed.

It's hard in the fitness industry, because we're shown all of these posed bodies, and they're hot and ripped. I was super lean at one point, but I was really unhealthy. I'm not saying that every lean person is unhealthy, I'm just saying that fitness is more than one things. So I take a spin on it.

What would you do if you could change the world?

Well the first thing that came to mind was I wish I could help people listen to each other more. I listened to this TED talk the other day. They were saying that we don't listen to each others needs. We're not really a community anymore. I love podcasting and skyping - it's better communication than back and forth online, and people can get really hissy. It's tearing us apart, it's making us resentful.

If I could change the world, I'd just have people freaking listen to each other!

With regards to my business, I help people become stronger, fitter and more empowered. Exercise is more than just exercise. It's this really strong inner power that we get!

When we dominate something in the gym, like a really heavy kettle bell, we're SO proud of ourselves. We're so confident in our bodies, we're in tune with what we're doing we stand up straighter, we're more resilient, we're so proud of our abilities, I wish I could give that to people.

People see exercise as a tool to look differently. They feel fat in their clothes, they're miserable, they see it as a tool to look better. It's so much deeper than that. I wish I could give people that, but it's so hard for people to realise that it's a process.

It really helps to have people on a structured program, so that they can see objectively where they're improving and progressing.
I  track everything my clients do - so I can show them how they're improving.

If you keep consistently nurturing those positive successes, it keeps you rolling.

What message would you like to leave with our followers?

A lot of time people think that if they reach a certain weight they're going to be happy with themselves, if you think that's going to be true, you might be disappointed.

That's why I'm really crabby about these quick fix fatloss gimmicks I really don't like them... I don't want to go on a rant, but they're not healthy, they're not sustainable, and they don't teach you how to be uncomfortable.

I think the most crucial part about self love is the experience and the struggle and then overcoming that struggle.

The magic happens out side of your comfort zones. It doesn't mean you have to grind and grind every day, but it means pushing just a little. Keep pushing with those successes, keep rolling with those and build something really cool.

You can reach Jess at www.indulgentfitness.com



And be sure to check out her eBook series "Eat more Lose More"



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Chloe Pedley
Founder at Polkadotsi
Chloe is the founder of Polkadotsi, mother of four little boys, and wife and lover to a magnificent husband.
She's interested in all things sex and sexuality, and seeks to make a positive difference in the world by education.

Chloe is the founder of Polkadotsi, mother of four little boys, and wife and lover to a magnificent husband. She's interested in all things sex and sexuality, and seeks to make a positive difference in the world by education.