Post Natal Personal Training in Point Cook

Strengthen your body and feel strong again.

Our beginner post natal personal training sessions are designed to gently strengthen and assist with the recovery of your body post birth.  Our classes are baby friendly, and are perfect for you to start after your 6 week check (with medical clearance)

The aim of our recovery class is to assist in healing diastasis recti, strenghtening your core, and building strength to help you return to regular workouts.

What to Expect?

Our beginner post natal session is the first step in “turning on” the muscles that are weakened or stretched during pregnancy.

Our training will include basic exercises that strengthen your core and pelvic floor.

Most women will attend 2-3 of our beginner sessions before progressing on to our advanced post natal training, which begins focusing on your cardiovascular fitness and strength.

You'll need a water bottle, and a sweat towel, and you are welcome to bring your baby (Unless we are training in a gym)

We recommend our trainers come to you for your first few sessions, so you can relax and move in a familiar home environment. Don't panic - all of our clients are mums of young babies, and we accommodate feedings, nappy changes and grizzly new humans!

After our recovery class, women often move on to our Pram Friendly workout training.

Physiotherapist approved and Body Positive

We focus on your body as it is just now – and our sole goal is to help you become stronger, healthier, and feel better about your body. Exercise is a great way to help you adjust to new motherhood, and take some much needed time to focus on yourself.

All of our trainers are trained specifically in post natal exercise, and are mothers themselves.

We are based in Point Cook, Melbourne and offer pregnancy and post natal personal training.