Pregnancy Personal Training in Point Cook

Create a strong, stable body.

Baby #2 - Toned, fit, healthy, even tanned!

Our bodies change amazingly when we are pregnant, and you need to train differently. Our pregnancy personal training is there to protect your core, your pelvic floor and keep you and your baby in tip top condition.

One o f the big reasons I love working with pregnant women is that it  forces them to take some essential “me time”. So much of the focus on glowing goddess mums to be is on the baby, and their relationship with it-  which is totally cool, but it’s just as important to take some time out for self care.

Provided you make a few sensible adjustments to your regime, and follow the advice of your healthcare provider, there are some great benefits to exercise during your pregnancy including: reduced back and pelvic pain, greater awareness of your pelvic floor (and believe me, you’ll appreciate this!) improved feelings of well being and mental health.

What to Expect?


Our pregnancy personal training sessions are run in and around Point Cook, in Melbourne, Victoria. We can work as a mobile personal trainer and come to you, or meet you at your desired location.

Chloe likes to train local to Saltwater Coast, Point Cook.

Each class is tailored to your personal needs, and we undertake a detailled screening session, to ensure we work in a way that works for your body.

Physiotherapist Approved, and Body Positive

We focus on your body as it is just now - and our sole goal is to help you become stronger, healthier, and feel better about your body. Exercise is a great way to help you adjust to new motherhood, and take some much needed time to focus on yourself.

All of our trainers are trained specifically in physiotherapist approved post natal exercise, and are mothers themselves.

We are based in Point Cook, Melbourne and offer pregnancy and post natal personal training.