Road Tested: Best Positions For Oral Sex

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Oral sex is sublimely intimate and erotic, and it can also be one of the sure-fire ways to bring a woman to orgasm. Want to mix things up a little?

While the 69er is notoriously difficult to come through, and other oral positions look as though they can only be achieved by yogic masters, contortionists and carnival folk, there are some fantastic alternative positions for great oral designed to get you on the fast track to Pleasure Town.

Here are our Top 5 positions for oral sex that will leave you satisfyingly breathless.


Cliff Hanger Oral Sex Position -

If you’re a fan of the classic you-on-your-back oral experience, and you’re greedy for C-spot stimulation, the Cliffhanger offers a great twist. Sit on the edge of your bed and lay back, leaving your legs to drape over the edge with your partner nestled between them on the floor. Kneeling from this position, your lover will have fantastic access to your clit without fear of neck cramps. Draping your legs over his or her shoulders will offer deeper access, and a more erotic experience.

One of the simplest positions for both partners, the Cliffhanger is ideal for both quickies, and long, languid affairs.


Legs Up

legs up oral sex position -

Another variation on the basic muff dive, during the Legs Up you to lay on your back and bring your legs up and over your lover’s shoulders, presenting your pussy to them for super-easy access. You may need to arch your back or use a pillow or two for support, but the feeling of being almost upside down while being pleasured will offer a new range of whole-body sensations.

Your partner should be able to reach your ankles to help steady your balance in the Legs Up – and in return, you should be able to reach their hot zone as they kneel or sit to double your fun.

Lady Godiva

Lady Godiva Oral Sex Position -

Named in honor of the legendary noblewoman who rode her horse naked through the streets as a form of protest, the Lady Godiva is reminiscent of that act… although you’ll be riding your lover’s face instead of a horse. And it’s unlikely there’ll be any protesting going on.

To achieve this classic, make sure your partner’s head and neck are comfortably supported and then kneel over them, straddling their face. Naughty and nice, the Lady Godiva is best enjoyed when both of you are comfortable enough to create a slight riding motion for extra friction and sensation.

Laid Back Loving

laid back loving oral sex position -

Similar to the above face-sitting favorite, Laid Back Loving offers a more relaxed positioning for you, the recipient, and greater opportunities for touch and fondling for your partner. Have your lover lay back with a couple of pillows for added neck support, and then climb aboard facing them with your legs on either side of their body. Slowly slide your body down theirs until your head is resting against their bent knees, and your sweet spots are in easy reach of your lover’s mouth.

Perfect for sensual, leisurely lovemaking, Laid Back Loving is ideal for ladies who need to be in a complete state of relaxation to reach the big O.

Forbidden Fruit

forbidden fruit oral sex position -

Considered one of the more risqué and intimate positions for oral sex, Forbidden Fruit will leave you exposed in more ways than one. This position offers plenty of erotic possibilities for clitoral stimulation and penetration – as well anal play, if you and your partner are so inclined.

Easy to master, Forbidden Fruit requires you get yourself comfortable on all fours, assuming a doggy-style position, giving your lover full access from behind. Try this position in bed, altering your hip placement and back arch by placing your upper body weight on your palms with locked elbows, or by resting your upper body down closer to the bed, resting on your elbows.

The naughtiness and complete surrender of Forbidden Fruit makes it that much more exciting.

Did we miss one? Have a hot tip you’d like us to share? Let us know in the comments below.


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Chloe is the founder of Polkadotsi, mother of four little boys, and wife and lover to a magnificent husband.
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Chloe is the founder of Polkadotsi, mother of four little boys, and wife and lover to a magnificent husband. She's interested in all things sex and sexuality, and seeks to make a positive difference in the world by education.