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What Our Members Say

“Polkadotsi is a group of strong women who lift each other up. No topic is taboo, and there’s no such thing as a stupid question. If you want to be part of a community of supportive, friendly, body positive women, join us now!” Kate, NSW

Is Our Group For You?

Polkadotsi is one of the most informative and welcoming spaces on the web. We encourage you to join us if:

  • You’re ready and prepared to ditch the idea of “weight loss” forever and focus on LOVING your body
  • You’re prepared to work hard on your mental game
  • You want to move, and workout, and sweat to create mobility, and a healthy body
  • You are kind, supportive and want to make new friends and sisters
  • You’re open to new ideas
  • You love learning about your body, your sexuality, and all of the neat things about it...

We are definitely NOT a weight loss group, infact weight loss and pretty much anything to do with it is a swear word in Polkadotsi.
We do NOT do:

  • Shred programs
  • Fasts
  • Detoxes
  • Shakes
  • Beach body challenges
  • or pretty much anything that involves unproven, non-scientific, woo-based marketing.

If you’re ready to make REAL change in your life, and have a HECK of a good time doing it, then I’m ready to welcome you with open arms!